Are you a business owner looking to increase sales? The Bidwell Group in Medford NJ can help.

It is tough being a business owner, you have to do so much yourself especially in the early days. You are the head of all the departments, sales, marketing, handling all the customers, the books, etc. you get the point. But the reality is after you start getting customers, you run out of time to do a number of these essential tasks and have to hire someone to do them for you. You hire the accountant, the lawyer, and maybe even an assistant, but you are still the face of your brand, and time is precious and a lot of  business owners don’t have time to get around to all the potential clients to show them what they have to offer.

This is where The Bidwell Group comes in, we offer a a full or half day package to businesses that don’t want to hire a salesperson or just don’t have time to market their business to all their potential customers.

Our Packages include the following:

  • We will go out  to those businesses that you would love to have as clients, but just don’t have time to get to. You provide the list of potential clients and we go out and give your product, contact information, give aways, bring in donuts, coffee, etc to the appropriate person(s) in that businesses you have selected (food/drinks and all third party charges are extra).
  • We get your business name and information out in front of more people, while you handle the other aspects of your business.
  • The Bidwell Group will act as your sales support person, giving you a  broader reach in your business, to help increase sales without the commitment of  hiring a salesperson.
  • We will  collect  all the pertinent information for you from the list of potential clients you have given us.
  • Provide you with a log for our activities for the full or half day package you have selected.
  • We will follow up for you in person (if you use us multiple times).
  • You have the option to use us as much as you want (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly).
  • Consistancy is key in sales, and we recommend you use us on a regular basis for best results.
  • You pay a flat fee for each half or full day purchased.

Call 609-744-6121 now to book your full or half day packages. The Bidwell Group is fully insured and bonded. We offer a wide variety of personal & corporate services.